Pays d’Uzerche - Bonus

Heritage ou comment découvrir le Limousin en anglais ?

La collection carrément patrimoine est dotée d’un "abstract" en anglais intitulé "Heritage".

Uzerche : a town as a beacon in the landscape... English adaptation

Uzerche with its turrets, its corbelled battlements, the traces of a former walled fortification boldly dominating the meandering Vézère, is not a walled town, a town within a safe. Being a gem in Corrèze, it displays a remarkable combination of colours with ever-changing light in a landscape where water, air, earth and the building materials integrate, a boon for visitors.

The substance of the book presented here by the staff of the CRDAP under the coordination of Corinne Michel is both a historic synthesis and a picture volume about Uzerche and its surroundings. It provides us with a history shared by nine communes in the heart of Limousin, a region which is still imperfectly known ; a history which has left in its wake a remarkable heritage which an ancient settlement entails. Our educational ambition rests upon the unveiling of the fundamental elements composing the landscape in order to share a common heritage without freezing it.

With prominent figures as diverse as Gaulcem Faidit, Simone de Beauvoir, Marie Lafarge, Alexis Boyer, from Louis Jouvet to Henri Cueco, the volume also presents the riches of experience of the remarkable people who are part and parcel of the genius of the place featured by the Uzerche area.

Gilbert Moreau, Lecturer in British civilization.